I'm so stressed.

Well, we are in Colorado. I love our house but I am not so sure about the preschool. More on that in a moment.

Our move was the move from HELL. Braden still has accidents at night and he has just gotten off antibiotics for strep throat, so his pee was super strong. The boys bathroom had flooded and overflowed through the floor into the kitchen two days prior, Maintinance didn't seem concerned even with the sinking ceiling. Well the morning the packers were coming, he peed the bed. He went to shower and left his clothes on the floor. I then put them in a basket because I needed to go to the laundry mat and wash them since they were packing and loading our stuff. Okay. So, the packers came(and let me tell you the house was spotless except for the corner where we had things we were bringing with us for a partial dity move). Brendon went to get us a coffee from Starbucks, and the packers were bringing boxes in. Then afterwards, they went outside. I wondered what was up but then one of them said they had to make a call and would be right back. Okay, no problem. Brendon comes home and he was confused as to why they were all sitting in the truck and not packing since they brought in tons of boxes. About 5 minutes later, the doorbell rings and its some inspector guy who works for the company. We were cobduses because the packers didn't say anything other than BRB and making a call. So the guy was like oh they said hey smelled pee and it didn't seem safe for them to pack while inhaling the smell. I literally said what the duck to the guy and said it was the clothes and sheets in the bAsket in the bathroom(which we were packing to take with us anyway!) from Braden peeing in the bed. Plus it was smelling worse than usual because of the antibiotics. He said ok and said he would come check it out on the following Monday and call the packers then. Uh ok? So the packers come back and take all the boxes. Like seriously? And I'm sitting there confused and pissed. I took pictures of the house as proof as the house was NOT dirty, it was just the clothes/sheets(and probably the bathroom leak in the walls) that I hadn't taken to the laundry mat yet. We washed them and no issues. I didn't smell anything, my mom and her friend came up to help pack and they didn't smell it either.

Fast forward Monday morning, the guy comes back and says he still smells it a little bit. What? Smell what exactly!? Everyone who doesn't frequent our house doesn't smell it! He calls the packers and he said they didn't want to come do it. What the duck? We didn't get money for a full dity, just partial and we have two vehicles that won't fit on a car tow. My van was too wide and heavy to be towed. We can't tow his truck either and use a moving truck. He was a total asshole about it. We were like what do you want us to do? Burn the house down so it doesn't "smell"? Because we had multiple people tell us they didn't smell a damn thing. We think it came down to them not wanting to deal with all the heavy stuff upstairs. I looked up some reviews on this company and some similar things happened, so it isn't just us. We will never use this company again. We've had Atlas move us and we had no issues even when my house was a disaster.

So, we ended up losing a lot more money on this move because we decided to use U-Pack. You pack and load and they weigh and move the truck trailer. I changed hotel reservations so they would be cheaper to save money. Brendon got the advance for our partial move weight which was 2000lbs. We have a total of 7678lbs.

Anyway, Wyatt started getting sick while we were moving. We think he had strep throat and then went to the urgent care when we got here and was diagnosed with impetigo. We thought he may need a ER at one point, he wasn't drinking anything. Plus the altitude... Luckily he liked having little icee drinks.
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We got the kids enrolled in school. I like Braden's school and his teacher. They want to actually see if he qualifies for a IEP. Yay!

As for Wyatt and Jacob... Ugh. The autism specialist said they couldn't accept his autism diagnosis because the developmental pediatrician only did a "screener" at age 2 and then diagnosed. I didn't realize it was a screener. I thought it was a test. He qualified for a IEP under speech delay and autism criteria at Fort Campbell, why can't he here?? Anyway, his pediatrician is all for helping me get the more "official testing" and a new referral for ABA.

Jacob requires an aide and because he was good in the room, they decided he didn't need it. What the fuck? Of course he's going to be good when you have toys! Doing actual classroom tasks is different and he needs the aide for transitions. The new IEP haven't been put in place, so doesn't he still require the aide by LAW? I'm calling an IEP advocate Monday. Jake can start Monday but not Wyatt because they can't figure out where to put him. Gee I don't know? How about the class that specializes with kids with autism!? It felt like because he had some new words, and he transitioned okay in the room, and lack of testing that he isn't autistic enough. I wanted to this district because getting an aide was supposed to be easier and better schools. I'm disappointed again in this preschool. This is the same one that said Braden just missed the cutoff for qualifying for a IEP when he was 3.